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Why People Trust Arisen

With Arisen on the job, you can finally relax.

"OMG! After 30 years in the web development and programming world I can honestly say Kevin and his team were the most dependable, on time, cooperative geeks. Aways full of ideas and integrity. Don't let his mild manor or rates fool you. He is worth it!"

—Don Lee
Horizons [Companies]

"Arisen has been a great consulting group with which to cultivate a relationship. Each individual we've worked with has an attention to detail that allows the entire team to provide the best possible solution to the client. I've only experienced the highest quality in contribution to each of the projects on which we've partnered. Arisen is the first place I think of when we need to find technical development support outside our organization on anything from development to solutions architecture."

—Ryan Landers
Associate Director of Techonology

"I have worked on projects with Brian and Kevin of Arisen for over 15 years. Everything from commercial product development of customer relationship management systems and industry specific ERP systems to custom government, healthcare and insurance applications. The estimates are accurate, delivery is on time, the code is stable and no surprises. The most amazing part is customers ALWAYS love the results."

—Greg Boyd
Results Engineering

"I am so satisfied with Arisen services! I am particularly impressed with how you think a project through BEFORE beginning to code to make sure that everyone is clear on how the software will function. You are brilliant at seeing things I miss and making sure that we can accomplish our goals. Additionally, the main reason I trust Arisen is because once you release software to me, it works. I have yet to find a bug capable of crashing any of your systems. They are robust and easy to use. After several projects together, I continue to look forward to the next! Thanks so much for all of your thoughtfulness and care. It is sincerely appreciated!"

—Brian McConnell
Zone Insights

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Arisen while working on a couple of complex online assessment products for McGraw-Hill Education. We had gotten in over our head, but the team at Arisen listened and asked questions to get an accurate overview of what was to be delivered and then came up with the best way forward to meet all expectations. Their extensive knowledge base, strive for perfection and ability to come up with creative solutions enabled us to deliver quality and fully functioning products to our client."

—Tina Frissora
Graphic Artist/Project Manager
Horizons [Companies]

"To improve our ability to make information widely available and improve efficiency, we needed a system that would work from several far-flung offices. We turned to our long-time friends and colleagues at Arisen and they delivered. We were able to work closely with them to develop a product that covered nearly every aspect of our company. They studied our product to better understand what we needed and were able to improve the database in ways we hadn’t even considered. They were very accessible and attentive to our needs and expectations."

—Mark Quinlan
Chairman & CEO
ReCasa Financial Group

"The Arisen developers have been a fantastic addition to our current team. Their Application Architects have been instrumental in helping us plan applications that meet the flexibility and scalability of ever-changing client needs – all while efficiently managing cost. Our immediate project needs, as well as long-term strategic objectives, could not have been as successful without their insight and collaboration."

—Chris Taylor
Director of Client Services

"Our partnership with Arisen has been really fruitful for our 6,000 member church. As an organic, home-grown movement that grew up over the last almost 50 years, we have developed our own way of doing ministry and analyzing opportunities and roadblocks to our mission. The challenge in moving to new systems has been to not lose the things that are uniquely part of who we are while adapting our many ministries to an enhanced model and way of doing things supported by an open system like Rock RMS. Arisen helped us with simplifying what we are doing and how we are capturing data, before we move to automate and integrate new functions. We are a reporting-rich church, and require solid analytics to make decisions. Arisen was very in tune with that ethos, helping us refine our approach to our work and then helping us convert to new ways of doing business. We’re pleased that we made the decision to work with Arisen and we look forward to continued work with Arisen into the future."

—Steve Bauer
Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Secretary & Treasurer
Xenos Christian Fellowship, Inc., Urban Concern, Inc.

"Arisen went above and beyond to help clarify our project, and to deliver on a tight timeline. Arisen staff were available quickly to help with successful implementation and the outcome was good. I’d recommend Arisen and will be using them for future projects."

—Dustin O. Davies
Chief Technology Officer
Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC

"Arisen Technology is an exceptional group to work with. They transformed my ideas for an online information service into a high-functioning site with capabilities that far surpass my concept—adding significant value to the service. Anyone working with Arisen will quickly recognize their technical ability, their attention to detail and, particularly helpful to me, their astute business thinking. Above all, Arisen has taken the greatest care with my most important ideas and plans, as well as my investment in development, and has earned my complete trust."

—Will Kuhlmann
Anadem Publishing

"Arisen has helped us deliver outstanding web experiences for our clients. I would recommend Arisen to anyone who needs a skilled and reliable development partner."

—Andrew Hellard
Development Manager

"Arisen has been crucial in our quest to migrate away from our very custom church management system that was develop in-house over the past 25 years. From the beginning, when choosing between Rock RMS and yet another custom database solution, Arisen recognized the potential of Rock RMS to fit our needs. As we moved forward, it became apparent that that using a canned script to migrate our data simply would not work. Arisen stepped to the plate again to develop a custom migration plan that fit our (overly) complex data model.

Working with Arisen has been a pleasure as they have responded to our needs and requests with speed and precision. Of note, Arisen has developed a data import process that allows us to import, wipe, and reimport data into Rock RMS while maintaining any custom pages, data views, workflows, attributes, and any other custom data we have entered. In addition, as we have run into must-have functions that are unique to Xenos, Arisen has quickly developed custom plugins to meet our needs. If there were a Mount Rushmore of complex Rock-transitions, I am confident Xenos would have a spot on it. Arisen has met and exceeded the challenge of our migration."

—Greg Lawless
Director of Information Technology
Xenos Christian Fellowship

"Partnering with Kevin and his team at Arisen is always a pleasure. The team is extremely professional, easy to work with and most importantly, dependable. Kevin has a deep passion for what he does and it shines through his commitment to the job and the quality of work he and his team produce."

—Jill Bremer
Senior Project Manager

"Each member of the Arisen team has the ability to both conceive solutions and to execute at a high degree of quality - a trait that not many teams possess. Arisen has proven over and over to be a trustworthy partner, and I look forward to each opportunity I get to work with them."

—Luke Askew
Senior Front-End Developer

"Kevin is a highly skilled and detail oriented developer and architect. He would often stay longer than required to help out others and to troubleshoot issues in the system. Kevin was always forward thinking in the design and implementation of the code he wrote. I would enjoy working with Kevin again in the future. His knowledge of .Net is top notch."

—Barrett Tenney
Senior .Net Developer

"I worked with Kevin on a number of projects over the years and I must say that he is one of the most professional and knowledgeable individuals with whom I have had the pleasure to work. He always calmed the waters in the sea of chaos that were some of the projects we worked on together - it was always appreciated by the team. He also brought a wealth of knowledge to the table that was invaluable when designing and implementing solutions. I would recommend Kevin and the team at Arisen all day any day."

—Gary Yochum
Senior Developer
Resource/Ammirati An IBM Company

"Kevin Carpenter is someone I trust to work with because he thinks about the bigger picture and anticipates how his piece of the project impacts other parts and clearly communicates those considerations to the entire team. I'd like to work with Arisen again on future projects."

—Jesse Hemminger
Front-End Web Developer

“Their work has been nothing less than stellar. The only problem is I haven’t figured out how to clone them."

—Shawn Robinson
IT Manager
Ohio Department of Development

"I wanted to send out a huge congratulations to the entire team working on the HP Global Partner Conference (GPC) virtual event that launched yesterday! This project was concepted in late January and developed as we/HP went along and the incredible team here are Resource was able to design and launch a beautiful, fully functioning virtual conference site with on demand video in about 8 weeks! It will be accessed by 100K HP partners in the coming weeks."

—Jenny Reznick
Senior Client Manager

"I had the pleasure of working with Arisen on the Nestlé Very Best Baking web site redesign ( Kevin brings a deep skill set and expertise for architecting and developing software as well as a great sense of humor and positive attitude. During the Very Best Baking redesign, Kevin architected an MVC site architecture that he helped to eventually merge into a Sitefinity CMS platform, which included features such as Ratings and Reviews, Social Login, API integration with Nestlé web services, and profile management, just to name a few. I highly recommend Kevin as a solution-oriented software architect."

—Brent Bogrees
Development Manager

"Arisen has been invaluable to the implementation of Rock RMS for Xenos Christian Fellowship of Columbus, Ohio. Arisen developed an easy-to-use set of utilities to migrate all segments of our complex database schema including multi-dimensional attendance and split history for hundreds of high school, college, and adult home churches, large central teaching meetings, education classes, and financial pledging and giving. Their team has helped streamline our Rock RMS interface for easier use, solved detailed problems when we ran into 'brick walls', and even developed custom plugins for our unique home group ministry. Arisen has responded to all our requests on a timely basis. They have saved us countless hours and taken us beyond many hurdles."

—Andy Ault
Database Administrator
Xenos Christian Fellowship

"Textron Financial Corporation had a project that required a Net Collectible Value System for simplifying intensive manual calculations for a start-up business venture. I was very comfortable working with Kevin Carpenter. He had a great understanding of the technologies we implemented. From the perspective of database design and security, his creative talent was evident. The integrity and trust I felt in working with Arisen was very high."

—Art Yarumian
Director, Information Technology
Textron Financial Corporation

To the entire HP Discover Development Team: "I really just want to tell you guys how proud I am of the work you all put in to the Discover Frankfurt 2012 experience. It really did become the experience that I was hoping it could be. Thanks to the solutions-driven approach and execution by each of you, I consider our delivery a smashing success. Our innovation in execution really allowed us to navigate through the potholes we encountered along the way and deliver what I would consider to be the best holistic experience Resource has produced since I’ve been working on HP."

—Ryan Landers
Associate Director Technology

"RFC Capital was a growing finance company but did not have a system to manage the back office. Kevin Carpenter took our vision for a loan processing system and made it a reality in less than two months and at a very reasonable cost. Kevin’s system helped us increase efficiency and eliminated the errors that were common with the old process. As our business grew we needed to expand the system to accommodate new products. Kevin was able to integrate the changes into the core system which added functionality without adding complexity. RFC Capital used this system to manage the back office until it was acquired several years later. The system was scalable, reliable and practical. This system was an important element in the success of our business."

—Dennis Painter
Senior Vice President, Operations
RFC Capital/Textron Financial

"In search of educational games for the Memorial's Clubhouse Kids website, Arisen provided several suggestions from which to choose. The building process was also very easy as we worked together for the overall incorporation of our brand. We are pleased with the result and hope our young fans are enjoying the fun, new addition to"

—Heather Baxter
Asst. Director Sales & Marketing
The Memorial Tournament

"We presented Arisen with a challenge that, on the surface, seemed conceptually straight-forward: Help us synchronize data with the University. Reality was that the required interface with legacy systems and deficient processes was far from simple. The project lead from Arisen took a lead role on the project and worked diligently to understand the environment and design a solution. The Arisen team exhibited a great degree of professionalism and skill in completing this high profile, and heavily scrutinized, project."

—Michael Meeker, MBA
Director, Information Technology
The Ohio State Alumni Association

"Kevin Carpenter has been a superstar this wave in that he delivered his module within a couple days of target and it is the most solid deliverable I have seen in the entire project for a first test run. Our tester was having trouble finding even minor issues with the module during the module testing stage and keep in mind, it was higher risk in that it heavily integrates with existing code. Kevin completed the client search change in 75% of the time estimated, and he has been my pinch hitter to pick up non-critical path side items. I can't say enough about his ability to deliver a solid architecture, his ability to write nearly flawless code and his willingness to help out in a rough patch. His troubleshooting skills are at a level I have rarely seen in my 20 years in IT. In my opinion, we could not have delivered this wave and met the dates as close as we have without Kevin on board."

—Brian Bare
Development Manager, OCEAN 2 Project
Information Control Corporation

"I am not sure how to put into words my faith and trust in Brian Cooksey from Arisen. He has gone above and beyond in wave 1 to help me get it out the door. In wave 2, he has been the uber-workhorse of the group. He has taken everything I threw at him time and time again without complaint. He has by far taken on the heavy load and consistently delivered over and over again. In an all-around concept considering all facets of Brian on this project, I don't think I could possibly ask for him to have done any more than he did. The best compliment I can pay him is this, 'I would want Brian for any development project where my reputation was on the line to deliver it.'"

—Brian Bare
Development Manager, OCEAN 2 Project
Information Control Corporation

To the entire HP Discover Development Team: "I could not thank you all more and reiterate the endless compliments Jill and I received this week from HP leadership. We agreed tonight that we pretty much achieved a 100% on the Discover site for the week and everyone at HP we encountered said the same. You should be really proud of this experience and the ability to drive virtual engagement for HP’s landmark event. You guys amaze me and this couldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work, initiative and dedication – so thank you so much again!"

—Jenny Reznick
Senior Client Manager

"Bridget Smith was a God-send with her great attitude and her top notch skills. Without any prior experience with OCEAN, she was able to come up to speed and fundamentally contribute to the productivity and the quality in a very short time. As I mentioned with Kevin, their module has been of the highest quality on first pass testing than anything I have seen yet on the project. She has been willing to move around several times to help modules that were behind and in every case significantly improved the timeline once she was involved. I believe Bridget is key to the delivery of OCEAN going forward for future waves."

—Brian Bare
Development Manager, OCEAN 2 Project
Information Control Corporation

OCEAN 2 Project: "Congratulations to the entire team! This is one of the most important projects for ICC and it is great to hear of all of the outstanding efforts and contributions. Your teamwork, commitment, and dedication to the client, ICC, and each other is greatly appreciated. I want to thank each of you. I am confident in the continued success of this team and the OCEAN project. Thanks again for this outstanding work!"

—Dave Dieterle
Vice President, Public Sector
Information Control Corporation

OCEAN 2 Project: "Congratulations to the entire team for your relentless efforts and successful outcomes! This is a very crucial project for us and I applaud your dedication and commitment for making this project a great success. Keep up the great work!"

—Dharmesh Sorathia
Vice President, AppDev and Integration
Information Control Corporation

"Kevin's work should be used as an example of object-oriented design principles. The classes he contributed to the WOW project, especially the control classes, were easily reused in the CS3 effort. His designs are carefully thought through, anticipating future ‘gotcha’s’ and new requirements. When additional requirements are made, his designs have been easily extensible. I trust Kevin’s judgment when he is making design decisions. His extraordinary level of personal commitment to creating world-class software is indisputable. I am pleased with Kevin’s efforts to continuously strive for zero defects. Kevin is a thoroughly gifted and professional software developer, and it is an immense pleasure to work with him. He is a strong team player, with the quiet, low key personality that never steps on toes or offends anyone."

—Robert Kelley
Supervisor, WOW! Online Service

"Kevin Carpenter understands and works effectively across the CompuServe organization, following our mission, policies and practices. Kevin has a solid understanding of our industry, environment, competition, developments, and trends. He consistently does a thorough and effective job of analyzing problems. His recommended solutions are thorough and often incorporate flexibility for unforeseen future requirements. Kevin serves as a solid role model for junior staff."

—Robert Vance
Supervisor, WOW! Online Service

"Kevin has been a key member of the TPS team this year. He has proven over and over again his analytical skills. His professionalism makes him a pleasure to work with. He was often called on to assist in the planning and organizing of the project based on his expertise and was often looked to for advice and assistance by other staff. His interpersonal skills are greatly appreciated by me and the entire team. Kevin is very approachable which makes him an excellent coach and mentor."

—Lora Davenport
Manager, H&R Block Tax Preparation Software