ReCasa Loan Tracking and Invoicing System Upgrade

ReCasa Financial Group is a financial lending company that provides services to real estate investors. Their rehabilitation loans provide 100% financing for the purchase, improvements and closing costs for 1-4 family non-owner occupied properties. Arisen created the initial ReCasa Loan System used by the ReCasa staff to assess new loan risks, track loans and interest, perform invoicing, apply payments, produce reports and administer short-term rehab loans.

After 11 years of production use, ReCasa asked Arisen to upgrade the system to a newer version of the ASP.NET Framework and move the system to Amazon AWS to reduce hosting costs. Arisen also rewrote portions of the New Deal Worksheet so that it no longer relied on using Excel in the browser via ActiveX. The New Deal Worksheet still used Excel but used C# code instead of VBA code within the spreadsheet to make the web service calls.

The updates made in this system upgrade were:

  • Upgraded database from SQL 2000 to SQL 2012
  • Upgraded from .NET Framework 1.1 to .NET Framework 4.5
  • Moved hosting to Amazon AWS cloud - set up new web server and database server
  • Converted New Deal Worksheet portion of system from an ActiveX VBA Excel workbook embedded in the web application to an Excel document-level application using C#
  • Upgraded and enhanced security to database server
  • Optimized invoicing process
  • Enhanced fee and payment posting processes and added batch fee support