ReCasa Loan Tracking and Invoicing System - Phases 2 & 3

ReCasa Financial Group is a financial lending company that provides services to real estate investors. Their rehabilitation loans provide 100% financing for the purchase, improvements and closing costs for 1-4 family non-owner occupied properties.

Arisen created the initial ReCasa Loan System and ReCasa wanted new features added to the system to help with the underwriting process, reporting, and integration with

Arisen added the following features to the ReCasa Loan System (RLS):

  • collection of information about potential borrowers and their prospective properties
  • evaluating the risk for each potential loan
  • underwriting process
  • Loan Summary Authorization prior to a loan closing
  • reporting for business operations, risk management, and financial auditing
  • synchronization of for sales personnel in cities across the country

ReCasa wanted to use an Excel spreadsheet as the front end for the New Deal Worksheet used to assess risk during the underwriting process. Arisen created a spreadsheet template that could be loaded in Excel within the browser. The template had VBA code that would request data via a web service from the central data store. All the borrower data was stored on the server, and all the formulas for the calculations were in the spreadsheet template. When the user saved, all the data was gathered from cells in the spreadsheet and was sent via another web service call on the server to be stored in the central data store. ReCasa had all the benefits of Excel, but all the data was stored in a SQL Server database so that it could be used within the system.

Arisen also used a API to facilitate the sychronization of client and status information between the ReCasa Loan System and the account. This allowed sales team members to track new deals in the Salesforce Opportunity Sales pipeline as well as help with marketing promotions and tradeshow appearances.